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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1-31 October; spread awareness!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is one of the leading and most prevailing types of cancers in females. In the present year 268,600 cases of breast cancer have been reported and according to statistics about 41760 women will die of it. The need of the hour is to understand the gravity of the prevailing disease and to spread awareness as much as possible.

International Awareness Campaign

For the purpose said above, some breast cancer awareness organizations started a movement which led to a chain reaction and now October has been declared the “International Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. Every year, in October numerous organizations spread awareness all over the world in order to initiate cognizance and to raise funds in order to help the women already fighting with this disease.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, like other cancers, is an invasive and advanced form of cancer which affects the women in their early thirties and above. Usually, the breast cancer is of the “Lobules” which secrete milk or of the “Ducts” which bring the milk down to the nipples.


The symptoms are not obvious but include:

  1. Lump formation in breast
  2. Change in skin texture
  3. Nipple pain or discharge
  4. Nipple Retraction

But all these do not assure cancer until and unless mammographic scans are done.

Self -care

First of all, we should learn that it is nothing to be ashamed of. Self-care is of the utmost priority and following some simple steps can ensure our safety:

  1.  Stand in front of the mirror and observe both breasts keenly
  2. Press each of it with the palm of the hand and rotate slowly to feel any mass
  3. See the colour and texture of the skin

If a person has a family history, she should have mammographic scans after the age of thirty just to be safe. Never hesitate to consult your doctor because until you overcome your fears or shame, it may be too late.

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