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20 Best Travel Tips

The 20 best travel tips to make the best journey ever...

20 Best Travel Tips

To move, To breathe, To fly, To float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.
By -Hans Christian Andersen

These travelling tips will help you to save money and have a relaxed journey.

Small-sized backpacks

The small-sized backpacks are easy to carry on a journey. The pockets and sections of the backpack are well divided into sections which help us to put more things.

Keep your packing light

Select the clothes you think you will need and take half of them. Write a list of essentials you need and cut it in half and then only pack that stuff, you won't need as much stuff as you think!

Take extra socks

It will prevent you from cold. You will definitely need an extra pair of socks because sometimes your socks tear while travelling, and packing extra will come in your handy.

Map navigation 

Map navigation can be helpful for finding a new path, it guides you to go wherever you want and it always gives you the exact location. Using map also helps not to lose your way in a wrong and unfamiliar place, so always use a map if you don't know the exact location.

Carry a lock

Always carry a small lock especially when you are travelling. Don't forget to lock your stuff during travelling, but don't use the lock with keys because if you lost the keys, you are tightened

Make extra copies of your passport and important documents

Always try to make extra copies of your passport and important documents because if your original copy gets lost than you have a spare copy of it which prevents you from any further problem.

Pack a small flashlight

It will let you see at night if you are searching for something. You will also need it during hiking or going to the forest for research.

Get your own water bottle

When you’re travelling and walking most of you need is your own water bottle. It will help with your thirst.

Get comfortable shoes

You have to wear comfortable shoes because while travelling you walk a lot and if you don't wear comfortable shoes your feet get hurt which makes you tired.

Carry your mobile charger and a power bank

You will need it because when your mobile phone's battery gets down, it will help you to charge it and use the map.

Carry a jacket 

If you are going to the northern areas and in the cold places then you must take a jacket as nights are mostly cold there.

Carry your sunglasses and umbrella

Umbrella will prevent you from the sunburn, and sunglasses help you to prevent your eyes from the scorching sunlight.

Don't forget a camera and its battery

You will absolutely need a camera to capture the beautiful sceneries, but don't forget to carry its battery.

Take medications 

Put your medications in your handy, especially pain killer because sometimes you get a headache which makes you uncomfortable. 

Put your toothbrush, facewash and a soap

These things are important for freshness and cleanliness.

Make visit checkmarks

Make a checklist of the places you want to visit and mark the famous places and monuments, and also mark those places which you have already visited.

Learn common phrases of the local language

When you visit a place make sure that you have some basic knowledge of that place, people and their language.

Carry disposable bags

You must need disposable bags to trash the waste product.

Experience their local food

Experiencing the local food of that place will help you to enhance your taste buds.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your journey!






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