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Art Fairs and Photography Festivals

Top 9 art and photography festivals, get inspired by the classic work of professionals...

Art Fairs and Photography Festivals

These art fairs and photography festivals enable you with a possibility to experience the classical work of art while examining new, further art forms and styles as well. They present you to a new breed of artist, sharing their art alongside the great masters of the past. Here is the list of nine notable art fairs:

1. Basel art

If there is actually a fair where you should go to is Art Basel! It is an unusual platform that brings together art and finance. These kind of fairs are foremost to judge the art trends nationally as well as internationally. That's the place where you can observe and you'll be inspired by the images that have been placed there.

2. Photo Paris

Paris Photo is the world's biggest international art fair that is especially for photography. People who are the collector and lover of art and photography went there, and get admired by the vintage work of famous artists and photographers. Not only you can see, buy but you can also find out the hidden talent from all over the world.

3. AIPAD photography

One of the world's most eminent yearly photography event. This AIPAD photography show is offering an extensive range of photography including modern and late centuries photographies as well as photo base artwork and videos etc.

4. London photo

Photo London has made itself a world-class photography and art festival. They present outclass and new awesome work established by the most famous artists and photographers that If you've seen one, then you can't stop yourself and wanted to see more elegant work.

5. Les Rencontres d'Arles

This exhibition was set up every summer since 1970 for the people who are talented in arts and the lover of photography, came together to see various and outstanding images here. This fair was an important event for the people because that's the place where you can meet with all the famous artists and photographers you want to, the more important you can also show your talent to the whole world.

6. Fotofest

This is one of the world's most running photography art event. It attracts the visitor and the participants from almost 35 countries.

7. Photography month, Los Angeles

On April 2009, Month of Photography Los Angeles exhibited the huge photography community, new commercials, and arts. It is as the second largest photography community in the united states. They have a great variety of schemes that motivated and gave more brilliant ideas to photography professionals.

8. China PIP (China Pingyao International Photography Festival)

This festival was established by China photographers. This (PIP) festival is running from about 15 years since it was found. Hundreds of photographers and the organizers of China and photographers from all the world came here and always get inspired by the new talented work.

9. Photo España

Photo España was established in 1998. All the creators of this organization, artists, directors of museum and people from all over the world reach here to attend this amazing festival that is liked by everyone.

So if you are an artist or a photographer and really wanted to experience the classic work of famous artists, so go, get inspired, observe each and everything about that particular image, reach to more professionals, add more value to your art photography.

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