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Food - Culture - Health Tips
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Side-effects of odd eating habits

You should learn to honour your body and health by listening and responding to the direct messages it gives you in order to meet your physical and physiological needs.

World - Asia
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Fires in the Amazon

Amazon is the air-conditioning system and lungs of the Earth-which is on the verge of switching!

Thought for Life - Culture
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What does it like being an introvert?

"Introverts avoid small talk because they know it's the white bread of conversation. There are no real nutrients in it, just empty calories." Michaela Chung

Health Tips - Meditation - Health Tips - Meditation - World - Asia - Pakistan
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World Hepatitis Day

Getting tested early = staying healthy longer!

Thought for Life - Fashion
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Fashion with Modesty

Modesty means respecting yourself and be the highest elegance. So, dress how you want to be addressed!