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Awareness on Hernia

Save yourself!

Awareness on Hernia

The hernia is characterized by a hole or muscle weakness which leads to the exit of tissue or organ through the cavity usually through the gastrointestinal tract e.g. bowel. 

The history of hernia can be found in the ancient times of Egypt "Egyptian Papirus of Ebers" which say that hernia is swelling that comes out during cough.

The awareness is considered necessary because the pain of hernia can be confused with general pain that can pose a danger to life. Therefore, it is crucial to cognize the disease for timely and correct treatment. 

Types of hernia

The characterization of hernia is done according to its position in the body:

1. Inguinal- near the lower abdomen

2. Hiatal- near the stomach

3. Umbilical- near the naval

4. Incisional- near an incision site

Signs and symptoms

1. Severe pain which exacerbates during bending or stretching

2. Burning sensation in the food pipe

3. Acid reflux

4. Chronic cough

5. Pain during weight lifting


1. Age

2. Family history

3. Constipation

4. Trauma or surgery

5. Being overweight

6. Smoking

Diagnosis and treatment

The hernia can be diagnosed through the barium X-ray, endoscopy or ultrasound while the treatment includes a physical examination by your doctor that might decide the medication or surgical procedure required. 

A lot of advances have been taken place in the medical science but hernia still remains undetected and untreated for a long time due to ignorance of the patients mistaking it as normal pain. If pain persists for more than 2 days, immediately visit your doctor and have your complete physical examination before it gets too late.

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