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Beginner's guide to Web Hosting

Find the best hosting providers for your site

Beginner's guide to Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

The web hosting service is just like an internet hosting service that permits any individual and organization to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are the companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by the clients. It also provides internet connectivity, provide your website the data centre space and internet connectivity for the servers that exist in their data centre. These servers are called collocation and are also known as Housing in Latin America or France.

How Web Hosting Works?

When you are going to start a business, it’s necessary to find a perfect location to set up your business, otherwise, you can’t be able to build up a business. Similarly, you will apply this rule in the digital world when you are setting a website. Like, when you set up an online business, you will necessarily need a series of files, images, contents, products, and most importantly “HTML Code” that makes your website. Without this, you can’t set up a website in the digital world. Obviously these files, images, and products need a place to exist. So, you will definitely need to set up an online home otherwise, no one will ever be able to see your efforts and skills. 

A web hosting provides you with a place on the server to store all this stuff and is responsible to find your files when Google asks about them by writing your Domain name. Just like you rent a place or a store for your business likewise when you pay for the hosting service you are taking that place on a server.

What is a Domain Name?

Before we dive down into more details let’s talk about “What is a domain name”. When you are about to set up a business, first you must have to purchase a domain name that is very important because a domain name is the address of your company on the internet. You can think this as you have rented a store and first you must need an address to give to your customers, so that people could find you and without this, you will remain unknown, no one will be able to find you and purchase or visit you. That’s why you must need a domain name before setting a business on the internet so that people can find you and your website could get more traffic.

When someone types your company's domain name, it is automatically converted into the IP address of your company. Then the hosting company will find the images, files, videos, contents that will match to your IP address. Before choosing a domain name, think about your website like ‘what is my website about' and then choose the domain name that perfectly represents your brand. But remember your domain name must be unique like every street road has its unique address.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

When you are selecting a provider, it is very important to consider all the different types of hosting services that have been offered. Before deciding where you would like to host your site, consider these few things.

• The type of website you are building? Like eCommerce, blog, portfolio, etc.

• Based on the type website, the bandwidth that is needed to run your site.

• Can you create email addresses for your domain?

• The type of hosting options is available?

• Do they provide SSL Certificates?

Types of Web Hosting

If you are looking for a website that will host your business than “InMotion is a web hosting provider that gives a variety of hosting services that suit your needs. There are various types of hosting and once you’ve chosen your provider, now you need to decide which type of hosting is best and fulfils your needs for your website.

Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared Hosting is one of the most commonly used types of web hosting that is suitable for most online businesses. Shared hosting helps customers share the storage space on a server and its advantages include:

1. Affordability — It’s very cheaper to share the space on a server than to rent the entire machine.

2. Ease of use — Your hosting company will do all the maintenance and security updates for you such as your hosting company server is pre-configured, well-organized, easy to use.

Dedicated Hosting Service

Dedicated hosting gives you the authority to get a server all to yourself, without sharing space, if you choose dedicated hosting, it benefits you as:

1. Customization — You can customize the software and hardware according to your needs.

2. Unlimited Resources — All of the storage space is yours until you don’t share the server with anyone else.

3. Full control— You can control the setup as you want.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting includes all the features of a dedicated server, but at the price point of a shared server. VPS hosting advantages include:

1. Functionality— VPS hosting is controlled by cPanel and gives you several tools for easy navigation.

2. One-click features— WordPress, Magento, and Drupal all can be installed by on-click.

3. Easy site navigation— Site management is a cinch by using a clean interface.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is considered as the most reliable of all of the services. It pulls the powers from other resources to make sure that your website never has any downtime. Cloud hosting advantages include:

1. Scalability— Cloud space can be added at any time.

2. Unmetered bandwidth— no server failures, so no worry about the site going down.

‘InMotion hosting?

‘InMotion Hosting offers one of the best up-times guarantees of their hosting. It's outlined in their terms of service. If you're on the Pro-plan or higher, and you have an up-time lower than 99.9%, you'll be credited with one month of free service. ‘InMotion provides you with fast, reliable and affordable web hosting. ‘InMotion hosting make sure that your website is fast, secure and always online with live 24/7 support.

Eleven 2 Hosting

Eleven2 Hosting offers best and reliable web hosting. They have data centre locations in Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Amsterdam and Singapore. So you can choose the location nearest to your visitors for the best possible website loading speeds. Eleven2 is providing best web hosting since 2003. They have some great packages and hosting that fits according to your website needs.


Inmotion Hosting:

Domain: Free
Websites: 2
Disk space: 
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Price: $5.99 per month

Eleven2 Hosting

Domain: Not free
Websites: 10
Disk space: 
Bandwidth: 50GB
Price: $4.17 per month

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