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Buy your best Nike bags

How to buy the best Nike backpack for trips, schools, etc. check out our best picks...

Buy your best Nike bags

When your vacations are over, that's the time for the students to prepare their back to school bare necessities, their stationery, sports kit, power bank, etc and the most important you will need a backpack to put all these essentials in it. If you are hunting for a new backpack, then NIKE has a wide range of backpacks. It was best known for its shoes and a lot more. it's backpacks nevertheless are very good, are available in different colors that you may like, from messenger bags to more traditional options. it has several pockets for your important essentials. football fans could also find some special editions of Nike's popular styles and most of all you'll find the branded backpack with a logo of your favorite team printed on it. And if someone of you is looking for light colors backpacks and some small subtle logos you'll absolutely find them. There are a few things that I think you must check before buying a backpack: That do you have a laptop and you need an XL backpack, do you need a backpack with a bottle holder, how many pockets do you want in your backpack, does your essentials get fit in your backpack easily ,choose your backpack according to the purpose you need a backpack(for schools, for trips, for vacations, etc),how lightweight must be your  bag ,do you walk a lot? so you might need a backpack with padded shoulder straps, or maybe even an across the chest strap. Well here is the list of five best Nike backpacks across a range of prices.

1- Nike's All-Access Soleday

This Nike bag is made up of 100% polyester| it is available in obsidian and black color| it easily fits 15 inches laptops| Dimensions: 33 x 45.5 x 18cm | Volume: 25L | Weight: 581g.If you don't want to spend too much money on buying a bag and just wanted to buy one with a small subtle logo .then this Nike all-access soleday is the perfect bag for you.

2- Nike Brasilia (Extra Large)

This bag is made up of 100% polyester and is extra large |it fits 17-inch laptop sleeve|it is available in  Flint Grey, Black and White colors |its Dimensions: 48.5 x 33 x 18cm (H x W x D) | Volume: 33L | Weight: 680g. It is as comfortable as it needs to be .it is perfect for the media students or creatives.

3- Nike Brasilia

This Nike Brasilia bag is made up of 100% polyester| it easily fits 15-inch laptop sleeve| it is available in Cargo Khaki or White colors | its Dimensions: 51 x 33 x 18cm (H x W x D) | its Volume: 24L |its Weight: 544g. This bag is perfect for students who are style-conscious. It has a little Nike logo in front of it and looks nice.

4- Nike Vapor Energy 2.0

This Nike vapor energy backpack is made up of  70% nylon and 30% polyester|it easily fits a 15-inch laptop sleeve|it is available in just Black color but it looks perfect in black | its Dimensions: 47 x 33 x 15cm (H x W x D) | its Volume: 20-30L | its Weight: 430g. Nike vapor energy is a backpack for if you want minimum branding, with maximum space and weather resistance than this bag is perfect for you.

5- Nike Departure Golf Backpack

This departure golf backpack is made up of 100% polyester | it easily fits a 15-inch laptops |it is available in Black color | its Dimensions: 48.5 x 33 x 18cm (H x W x D) | its Volume: 29L | its Weight: 907g.Don't be deceived by its name, departure golf backpack is not anything golfers choice but this bag is loaded up with myriad features that would make any student need some smart storage swoon. This bag is suitable for all of us except those who had a laptop of 17 inches or more.

So these are some of the five best suggestions for NIKE backpacks, am sure you'll love it. now choose your favorite and suitable backpack like that you need and must share your review with us and I hope you will get the best from all backpacks.

If you want me to give you more suggestions about anything(product) or you have any kind of question to ask about it than you must ask by writing it on the "Q" box.Best of luck with your new backpacks.

image Source by NIKE

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