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Chicken With Hummus Sauce

This recipe is good to serve around 2-4 people. Follow all the steps below to get a perfect dish.

Chicken With Hummus Sauce


1- Chicken breast (2)

2- Crushed black pepper (1 tsp)

3- Lemon juice (2 tbsp)

4- Salt to taste

5- Crushed red pepper (1 tsp)

6- Flour (½ cup)

7- Oil (3–4 tbsp)

8- Boiled chickpeas (1 cup)

9- Yogurt (250 gm)

10- Tahini sauce (3 tbsp)

11- Olive oil (¼ cup)

12- Black pepper powder (¼ tsp)

13- Chili powder (2 pinches)


(Follow the quantity mentioned in ingredients above)

1- Cut chicken breast into thin layers. Marinate with salt, lemon juice, crushed red and black pepper.

2- Now coat marinated chicken with ½ cup dry flour and shallow fry from both sides till it turns golden brown.

3- Blend together boiled peas, yoghurt, tahini sauce, black pepper, salt to taste and olive oil (3–4 tbsp).

4- Now, put the chicken in a serving platter and place the prepared hummus sauce in aside. Drizzle a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of red chilli powder. 

5- Serve hot.

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