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Decisions Determine Destiny

“A career is not just about income, it is about perusing the essence of your life”

Decisions Determine Destiny

Steps to decide your career

The very first step of deciding your career is to check out your interests and skills. It is important to check out your values, interests and your educational skills that will help you to make a better decision. Find out how you can compare your options in which you are interested, get advice and pick the right career for you. Don’t rely just on the advice of others. Sometimes the person who gave you advice relate your needs or personality to himself and suggest what he thinks. He will never know your interests and skills but guide you as per his life experience. So, it will create a problem for you to adjust. It’s always good to take advice and guidance but doesn’t completely depend on it.

Decision making

Take the decision that is good for you not for others. Give time to yourself and decide what type of decision makes you happy and satisfied. To take guidance, you take help your friends, family and your well-wishers but in the end, you must decide what will make you comfortable and satisfied. There are three basic things you should always depend on: your interest, your value and your skills. Focus on these three things while you are making a decision. Your interest matters a lot. If you have no interest either in the job or in your study it will become very difficult to move on and to cope up the problems you might face. So, it is the most important consideration in your decision making that you should not forget your interest. 

Decision making can sometimes seem like a war

The second most important consideration is your skills. In making a decision check out your skills and decide what you should do. Your skills ultimately decide your decision. The personality and skills will help you to decide what things look easy or interesting to you. Skills either based on your educational skills or maybe your professional skills. Your abilities will help you in making decisions. The decision is the ultimate power that you must make. Sometimes it looks the bigger problem in life to make a decision. This becomes easy and helpful when you follow your area of interest and your skills.

Make a decision that's close to your life goals

Decision making is the most important to someone’s life. Decide what is closer to your life goals. Everybody has some goals in life. Success without a goal is not good, make a life goal and chase by putting all your efforts to achieve it. The decision following your interest and skills will ultimately help you become closer to your goal. Life has a purpose, so it needs to be searched out and did best to achieve the purpose or goal. A famous quote on this explanation is as gives. 

“A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it's built for”
-Elbert Einstein 

Stand for your decisions

Besides all things, once you have decided what will you do then, stand by it. You should not be confused or puzzled about your decisions. It might take some time to clear your queries and questions but ultimately it will prove a better decision for you. You should only be committed with your determinations. As days pass, your vision will improve and clear. You will gain experience and if you had to decide another goal it will ultimately help you. You will become confident in making your decisions. It will satisfy you and your passion to do something big in your life. Decisions will bring you close to your life goals.

Every single person must pass through this phase of life when he must decide what he should do. Some people take risky decisions and consider them a chance. While some are those who take time to decide but once they decided they stand by it. So, the conclusion is what you decide to stand by it and satisfied with your decision. Life gives you many chances but you should be confident about your decisions. Don’t miss chances in your life, avail them wisely. Don’t let anyone make decisions for you. 

Solving problem

We usually stuck between two states, whether to go for this way or the other way. It creates a big problem for all of us. How to bring out this situation? Is the most important question. Compare both situations and focus on your interest and skills. Then decided which one is more suitable and convenient for you. Once you decided to stand by it confidently. A famous saying is: 

“It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny”
-Tony Robbins 

So, your decisions ultimately lead to your destiny. Follow your dreams and interests, you will find your goal in life. Set a definite goal in life and bring all efforts to achieve it. Decide what you want in life and it will determine your destiny. 

Image source: decision-making-outcome-based-team-building.htm

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