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Diet plan

Nourish your child with whole foods to make a satisfied and energized life for them ahead!

Diet plan

A diet chart for children of age group 1-3


1. Egg/omelette

2. Cereals (depends on the choice or flavour of the child)

3. Bread slice

4. Milk

5. Yoghurt (optional)


1. A bowl of fruits including apples and bananas


1. Boiled or cooked beans

2. Fried or steamed fish piece

3. Chapatti (optional)

4. Snacks

5. Fries

6. Custard

7. Chicken snack (nuggets)


1. Rice

2. Cooked vegetables

3. Cooked meat in any form (chicken, mutton, beef)

4. Cutlets

All the given options can alter at lunch or dinner. Moreover, these can also be mixed and matched to form various combinations throughout the week.

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