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Dive deeply into the Facts

Myth is the facts of the mind made manifest in the fiction of matter. - Maya Deren

Dive deeply into the Facts



Humans have only 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

We have at least 21 senses. For example, sense of balance and temperature.
The Sanskrit language originated in India.Sanskrit actually originated in Syria.
Paper is bad for the environment.Papers are among the few truly sustainable products.

Bats are blind
Not only bats can see but they also use echolocation.
Chocolate is bad for your body.A piece of dark chocolate can be beneficial.
Our heart skips a beat when we sneeze. When we sneeze, the heart's rhythm sometimes changes but it never stops.
Bulls react aggressively to the red colour.Bulls attack because of the movements in front of them.
Charging your smartphones overnight is bad. Smartphones stop charging when it reaches the point.
It's easier to catch a cold when it is actually cold. Colds are caused by viruses, not temperature.
You can't recover from mental health problems.They might not go away forever but lots of people with mental health problems still work, have families and lead full lives.
With the increasing age, you need fewer hours of sleep.
Sleep experts recommend a total sleep time of 7 to 9 hours for the average adult. Sleep patterns change with age, but the amount of sleep does not change. 
We only use 10% of the brain.When we are asleep, most of the brain cortex works at full capacity.
Brain cells stop growing when you reach adulthood.Neurons flourish and change throughout your entire life.
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