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Factors for a positive life

Be the energy you want to attract…

Factors for a positive life

Typical minds

It really bothers me like the whole mindset and everything the way our society thinks and talks. Our society does really influence you because if you look at an owl in one country, it was like stupid, but in some other country, it’s considered really wise. So, it really depends on what the narrative is around you so, I kind of want to bring some change at the grass-root level by educating the general masses. Because kids in rural areas don’t have access to quality education.

Do something bigger…

I get scared of makeup, camera, and attention. I think if I’ve something better so, I would want to use it for something bigger or may, make a difference instead of just talking about Oh my God! I’m so cool. I’m wearing expensive clothes and I have such nice things. I’m not about that life. I mean I’d rather want to talk about something more relevant.


We should unanimously work on cyberbullying. Because people especially girls they can’t leave their houses, I mean they do leave their house but some parents don’t like this. People are very sceptical about this like: where you go and what did you do. So, for women mostly the only way they express themselves is on social media that’s their only platform. There aren’t enough females stepping up and showcasing their talent because we’re just too scared of what people are going to say. It was a big thing for people because they are very scared of what was the reaction, what will people say all of that stuff, but so, you should know that you had to go through everything personally to step up. None of those people will stand for you neither support you. You should set up precedents.

Don’t let people down

We love bringing people down, tearing people down. But remember, whosoever tries to bring you down, is below you, and you are above them. According to my observation, some people can’t function without negativity because bringing down others makes them feel better. We don’t bring people up like this is a pretty common thing. If I want to say I’m great I’m gonna say: “I’m great because of XYZ.” It’s my achievement whatever it was so, we should encourage ourselves like oh! I did this so, maybe I might be better. You should know that you are the happiness fairy, you have to sprinkle happiness dust on everyone. Now smile because sadness is very expensive.

Be original

I’ve been noticing one thing ever that all of the people while taking pictures, they were all using apps to make them fair, thin or skinny and like blemish-free… why? All these people getting all these procedures and all these editing apps they actually make you look just like all of these others. I think the same is a big problem. You should be wonderful, refreshing and most important original.

Value yourself

Why can’t we just own our self? I’m what I’m. I cannot be fancy or not that is serious food for guys. I mean we should just be ourselves. Why can’t we be comfortable in our own skins? Because at the end of the day we all end up looking the same. And we always talk about how you should be individual and you know, try to do your own thing and I think at the end of the day everyone was just following the herd and why can’t we be flawed; I mean I don’t mind being flawed. So, a lot of people advise me don’t apply this, be very careful about your post-don’t do that, don’t do this, don’t talk or sit like that. I was like “no.” I mean ok I should shut off my brain or just start pretending to be somebody else and be something that I’m not. I wouldn’t want to do that. Because I know people are paying attention to me right now, but they might not 10 days later.

Don’t let your rudeness step your fame

A lot of people can’t deal with fame. They might stay humble, but they can’t feel the downfall because they don’t see that coming. I know that it doesn’t last forever. It’s how everything works, but some people start thinking that they own the world. Everything in this world belongs to them, they have control over everything. It doesn’t about how rich or famous you are, rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength.

If things are better the way you are, it’s because you just sank and that’s it.

Be you,

For you…


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