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Fashion with Modesty

Modesty means respecting yourself and be the highest elegance. So, dress how you want to be addressed!

Fashion with Modesty

What is fashion?

Fashion is a trendy and aesthetic style and the most powerful art at a certain time. Fashion not only embraces clothing, but also hair, decoration, or behaviour. It’s actually a form of free speech. What we wear, how to wear it and when we wear it, provides others with a shorthand to delicately read the surface of a communal situation.

Understanding modesty

Standards of modesty are very wide. Modesty is a mode of dress and deportment which intends to avoid the encouraging of attraction in others. Modesty means being decent and simple. It doesn’t mean, not to be in the latest trends of fashion but, to follow them in decency is modesty.

Most discussion of modesty involves clothing. The criteria for acceptable modesty and decency have relaxed and nowadays shorter, form-fitting and more revealing clothing are in vogue for women than men. Most people wear clothes that are immodest for their religion, culture, and occasion. On top of that, some wear clothes which they consider immodest, due to exhibitionism, or for attention.

Extravagance and modesty

The difference between extravagance and modesty is that extravagance is an excessive or unnecessary use of money on designer dresses or being brand conscious while modesty is the quality of being modest; being limited and not overly dressed up. We live in a world of good and evil, even modern dresses can be used for either righteous or wicked purposes. Modesty is a principle that will keep us safely on the covenant path. Additionally, modesty is not only required in dress, but it’s an essential part of appearance, thoughts and behaviour.

Do not lose modesty

In today’s world, to show up yourself on social media; people use editing apps, and artificially modifying themselves to look something extraordinary. By doing this act they lose the trait of modesty in themselves. Modesty is a natural light of beauty, which does not show its elegance if makeup is applied on the face. This light will naturally glow when you are modest physically as well as spiritually.

What drives fashion?

It’s a question with an extremely wide range. There is always a demand for new and exciting fashion designs. People look for trends that are driven when great style crosses the demand curve. Fashion can be done anywhere and anytime and there is no harm if we fulfil the desire of fashion within the circle of modesty. Uniquely, modesty will not make us look ugly nor it will make you look outdated but, modesty will give a spark and strong impression on your personality.

Nowadays, fashion trends are in vogue, and choosing the dress in the circle of modesty is rather an arduous task so, here is a list of things which determine modesty in a dress:

1. Select shirts that cover your back and shoulders.

2. Add on the layers for a modest look throughout the seasons (utilize scarves).

3. Avoid see-through materials.

4. Wear pants that fit you properly (not over-fitted).

5. Choose shorts and skirts that are longer than your arm’s length.

6. To change your everyday look, make a statement with shoes and handbags.

7. Wear bold coloured shoes to highlight your personality (your shoes are the first thing people notice when they meet you). Try to make a splendid impression on others’.

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