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Food and body parts

Learn how you can stay healthy by noshing on these anatomically-shaped eats.

Food and body parts

1. Walnut: brain

Walnut is a source of protein, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin B6 which help nourish the nervous system.

2. Kidney bean: kidney

Kidney beans are high in fibres and low in fat and sodium. They maintain mineral balance and prevents chronic kidney diseases.

3. Carrot: eye

Carrots are high in vitamin A which improves retina health and is essential for good vision.

4. Celery: bones

Celery is cholesterol-free, low in fat, high in dietary fibre, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which are good for bone health.

5. Sweet potato: pancreas

Sweet potatoes balance the glycemic index which helps control diabetes and reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.

6. Tomato: heart

Tomatoes reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, neutralizes free radicals and lowers cholesterol.

7. Avocado: uterus

Avocado is excellent for womb and cervix. Eating avocado during pregnancy can help balance the birth hormone, shed unwanted birth weight and even prevent cervical cancer.

8. Mushroom: ear

Mushrooms produce vitamin D, which helps with your bones, especially the auditory ossicles found in the ears.

9. Red-wine: blood

Red wine is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. It can reduce blood clots associated with stroke, heart disease and also reduce blood pressure. But daily intake should be limited to one drink.

10. Clams: testicles

Clams are good for male sex organs. Clams are rich in folic acid and zinc which have an outstanding effect on improving semen quality in men.

11. Grapefruit: breasts

Limonoids (phytochemicals of the triterpenoid) are found in grapefruits which inhibits the development of cancer in lab animals and human breast cells.

12. Ginger: stomach

Gingerol is the ingredient responsible for ginger's pungent scent and the taste. Moreover, it is listed in the USDA database of phytochemicals as having the ability to prevent nausea and vomiting.

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