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Health Benefits of Dried or Dry Fruits

Boost your Health and Mind with the Dried Fruits.

Health Benefits of Dried or Dry Fruits

As the winter season is here, people have already started craving for warm clothes, freshly brewed coffee and the mixed platter of dried fruits. But none has ever thought of the countless benefits these dried fruits are posing on us. Apart from being in variety, they also have a variety of unacknowledged health benefits. The surprising benefits of the dry fruits are listed below:

Immunity Boosters

The dry fruits and nuts are termed as immunity boosters because they have a treasure of nutrients hidden in them. Having nutrients like iron, folic acid, magnesium, calcium and some essential oils these nuts help to maintain a strong immune system and help combat the oxidative stress in our body.

Most Active against Certain Cancers

Almonds and cashew nuts are rich in anti-oxidants so when you are having them you are actually fighting the cancer esp. the breast cancer. Nuts like pistachios are crucial for tumour growths in the prostate gland and the lungs.

Effective in Weight Loss

Dry fruits tend to regulate the metabolism of our body and hence they are best if a person wants to lose weight effectively. Just the right proportion of dry fruits in the diet helps to attain the required weight.

Healthy for the Gut

Dry fruits are rich in fibre and mineral content. They make the gastrointestinal tract healthy by regulating its functions. They even help combat constipation.

Increase in Blood Count

Being a rich source of iron, certain dried fruits like resins are able to increase the red blood cell count and hence improve the health of an individual.

Crucial for Bone Health

Fruits like dried plums are involved in building the bones hence they make bone stronger than ever.

Healthy Heart

The dried fruits are a rich source of Vitamin E, potassium and calcium. They maintain and regulate the normal functions of the heart, make the cardiac muscles stronger.

Sharpen the Memory

The essential oils in the dried fruits help boost the memory and also help fight depression and as well as anxiety.

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