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Jumbo Chocolate Cup Cakes

Jumbo Chocolate Cup Cakes recipe. This delightful Desserts recipe of Jumbo Chocolate Cup Cakes can be ready in Minutes and good to serve around 5-6 People. Follow all the steps recommended to get a perfect dish.

Jumbo Chocolate Cup Cakes


1- 8 ounces Butter

2- 8 ounces Sugar

3- 6 ounces Flour

4- 2 ounce of Cocoa powder

5- 4 Eggs

6- ¼ cup Milk

7- 1 tsp heaped Vanilla essence

8- 2 ½ tsp Baking powder

9- Ingredients for Butter Cream Icing

10- 4 ounces Butter.

11- 8 ounces of Icing sugar

12- 1 tsp Coffee

13- 1 tbsp Water

14- 3 tbsp Cocoa powder.

15- for decoration Chocolate grated


 Beat 8

 ounces butter and 8 ounces caster sugar till light and creamy, sieve together 6

 ounces flour, 2 ounces coco powder and 2 1/2 tsp baking powder, keep aside. In

 beaten butter and sugar mixture, start adding in eggs one at a time alternating

with sieved flour and cocoa powder mixture, lastly fold in left over flour

mixture. Fold in 1/4 cup milk and 1 tsp vanilla essence mix slightly, pour this mixture in to well greased jumbo muffin pan, bake in a pre

heated oven on 180 degrees for 25 minutes, remove cool and spread with butter

cream icing. Decorate with grated chocolate.

Method for Butter Cream Icing

Beat 4 ounces butter and 8 ounces sugar till light and

fluffy, add in 3 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp coffee mixed with water, beat well,

and apply on cupcakes, topped with grated chocolate.


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