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Living in a joint family

Remember that blood makes you pertinent and sincerity makes you family

Living in a joint family

From the days of yore, the joint family system is coming through the ages. In which all elderly people and their children (more than one generation) live together. For the respect of elders, everyone accepts their decisions and show dignity to them. On top of that, everyone is equally involved in the sorrow and happiness of each other.


In such form of a family system, every member:

1. is expected to make some financial contribution

2. share common rights in the household property

3. make efforts to safeguard the property

4. co-operate, deference, and support each other

5. Eat the food together, and

6. make their expenses from the prevalent fund

What joint family demands?

Living in a joint family demands sacrifices, compromises and apologizes. Actually, it’s not a demand, but a requirement and need for a happy family. Whatever you want for yourself, you have to do the same for everyone. Moreover, you have to maintain equality and have to tolerate everything and care for your family to maintain a peaceful environment. It’s not an easy task to deal with everyone the same, but rather an arduous task. So, everyone should cooperate with each other and don’t feel superior over each other.

Family members with differences

But, as time passes, the race for earning more money begins and it almost ended the idea of the joint family system. Nowadays, if there is more than one family in a house, and additionally with a difference in their income so, the one with low income develop the feeling of inferiority complex and the other with high income turns into a megalomaniac. Due to this difference in their income, it leads to the feeling of envy and differences in relations. Their behaviour starts to change. The family who earns more has a luxury lifestyle which leads to psychology issues in other families.

Problems caused by differences

If we put all these factors in mind, so, these states that due to these differences, it's difficult for everyone to live together. This might affect the children as their needs and wishes are not fulfilled with a low income, so they start stealing, speaking lies, start using drugs, and involved in other illegal things.


The disunion of families was evident in the joint families themselves. It transpires when feelings of munificence, charity, and fellow-feeling are not balanced by vigorous moral line, character and farsightedness. Joint family can be run prosperously if the members remain committed to each other. The feeling of togetherness and altruism is the essence of the joint family.

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