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Pakistan on the verge of Technological Interchange

From the Internet to Mobile, from Micro-Financing to the Blockchain.

Pakistan on the verge of Technological Interchange

The first-ever computer in Pakistan, was installed at Dhaka Centre of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (Now, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission), in 1964. It was in 1967, when Pakistan installed its first-ever computer server at Pakistan International Airline, PIA. PIA made history by installing Pakistan’s first computer, an IBM1401, in 1967.

Since that time, our nation has seen immense growth in the technology sector. Some the of the prominent software companies that rule the international stage,

• i2c Pakistan (

• NETSOL Technologies Inc. (

• Systems Limited (

• Techlogix (

• Teradata (

Over the past few years Pakistan gained momentum in the international markets, and now establishes a goodwill across the world through the well-established IT Services Industry. Observing the economic situation of the country, although seems quite succinct. Recent technological advancements, and future prospective endeavours promise a better future.

3G to 5G adoption

April 23, 2014 witnessed the launched of 3G and 4G services, simultaneously in Pakistan. Businesses, and end-consumers alike. 

With the adoption of better internet speeds, the technology infrastructure has seen great improvement. This new market change has given growth prospects for Entrepreneurs, and the Pakistani market stands witness to many of the new startups. Due to the mass accessibility of internet services, the nation’s capabilities are expanding. Which addresses as a great sign of progress. The nation is now set to launch 5G services - to be offered by Zong - as early as 2020.

Mobile Payments

Businesses are always in the need to make their transactions seamless, and timely. International and national trading practices require that the transaction commitment is just-in-time, with no delays whatsoever. It is this need of the hour that trade agreements are fulfilled on time. Facilitation of a concept gave birth of the idea of “Mobile Payments” and Pakistan saw the first of its kind “Easypaisa” (Telenor) payments platform in 2009. Since its inception many other companies have stretched towards the concept,

• Jazz Cash (Mobilink – Jazz)

• Upaisa (Ufone)

• Pay-Max (Zong)

Witnessing such ideas over the past decade, holds promise for Pakistan in affirming its position in the changing technology landscape and competing in the ever-complex digital world of today.

Mobile Banking – Lending Platform

Isn’t it being offered by every bank in Pakistan? No. We mean banking solutions without physical impressions, and any requirement prior to engagement. This brewing concept has roots in Micro-Finance banking. Let’s assume you are looking to buy something, and although it has a low budget pricing bracket, but you cannot afford to buy it in that point of time. The Millennials are facing this issue for the past few years.

The startup to address such an issue is FINJA ( The platform gives way to those without any credit check, and financial records to open an account with them with just an Identification Card (CNIC). It is imperative to note that they not only offer loans, but also a debit card, and a host of other discount services on all the leading brands of Pakistan.

FINJA’s success has helped promote such ideas as,

• Tez (

• CreditFix (

Millennials have turned towards the idea of entrepreneurship, and are actively pursuing such short-term financing options. Pakistan is becoming a potential niche market for more ideas like these.


On 3rd January, 2009 the world was presented with the first-ever Blockchain conceptualised product. This substantially impacted the financial markets of the world, and investors with profitability mindset, pledged their investment portfolio in view of future; with keen eyes on the prize of long-term potential benefits.

But this dream was short-lived, and the collapse of “MTGox” raised doubts in the international community. This questioned the ability of the Blockchain technology with respect to security prospects.

This was not the end of the road, as it seemed to be and as of today 2,262 cryptocurrencies are traded in the markets.

Pakistan has been a late bloomer, but now Telenor Micro-Finance Bank is in partnership with Valyou of Malaysia, Powered by Industry-Leading Blockchain Technology developed by Ali-Pay. The platform serves as a major milestone achievement in setting the stage for the future of Pakistan in the Blockchain ecosystem.

It is keen to note that our country is progressing towards success on a consistent pattern, and that is counter-productive in the sense of development of the Information Technology sector of the country. Although current tax laws ( are seemingly disrupting operations in some industry circulars, but massive improvements are being observed.

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