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Photography Accessories

Top 10 Photography Accessories

Photography Accessories

Are you a photographer?

No doubt, you're surely fond of your gadgets which can help you boost up your objective of clicking spectacular pictures. Yes! It's not just about your camera always. There are many other photography accessories which are worth some significant credit. When it comes to day-to-day shootings, they are really crucial.

Whether it is the strap to carry your camera or the hard drive in which you've stored years' worth of memories, all of them are the vital supporting players in photography. In fact, the list of fantastic photography accessories doesn't end here and interestingly it is long enough!

What are the other amazing names?

1 - Memory-Card Wallets 

When it comes to the must-have accessories for any photographer, a memory-card wallet is one of them. They are tiny and delicate ones which you've to store carefully to avoid losing them anytime. This wallet is capable of holding 9 SD cards in several clear slots.

This sort of a memory-card wallet can be folded up nicely so that it hardly takes any space. You can check out the vibrant SD Pixel Pocket Rocket from ThinkTank to have a basic idea of what they are.

To let you store your cards yet more safely, Pelican is offering some tough hardcover cases made of polycarbonate resin now. As they are water resistant and shock absorbent, they can be really effective.

2 - Tripod

What would any photographer do without a tripod?

Whether you often shell out a lot or just a bit, you must have something to safely settle your camera for certain shots. There is a myriad of tripods with distinctive features in the market now. For example, Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 is a fabulous all-purpose aluminium tripod which has enough support for cameras weighing up to 19.8 lb.

One of the unique features of a tripod is that it can be doubled up as a monopod while just removing the central column. Also, yet another attractive attribute of this tripod is that it is portable enough.

3 - Macro Extension Tubes

Macro photography is terribly expensive!

Isn't it?

It requires some specialist lenses on which you've to spend hundreds when you're not even sure if you're definitely going to enjoy it or not. That's where macro extension tubes come into play!

It can easily fit between any of the current lenses in your camera and body of the camera. With this tube, you can enhance the distance between the camera sensor and the rear lens element. Finally, it will give your lens the desired macro capabilities. There's a wide variety of such tubes available in the market now. Kooka-C68 is one of the best ones that you can come across.

4 - Photography Light Tent

It is one of the really adorable little photography accessories which can let you enjoy hours of entertainment. For professional photography, this gadget makes a lot of sense. In the core, this light tent or softbox is actually an open-sided cube which is made of translucent plastic.

Also, it has one LED light strip attached which can be used for all sorts of photography when you're stuck in the house for any reason. With the reversible backdrops of this product in the form of black and white, you can just simply put your subject inside it and start shooting.

5 - Collapsible Reflector

If you've more interest in still-photography, a reflector can be your best friend. Especially, when it comes to the subject matters like portraits, products, or foods, you can rely on Impact's 5-in-1 collapsible reflectors. It is a super versatile one which you can use either inside the studio or out on any location.

When it comes to the Circular 42" Reflector Disc, it includes a perfect combination of white, gold, silver, and silver/gold panels for diffusion. Rather, the large Oval Reflector is perfectly suited for portraits.

6 - Hotshoe Spirit Bubble

They are nothing but the crooked horizons!

It can completely ruin a photograph when there are some unintentional and uneven horizons in the same. Of course, you can correct it while post processing but will crop certain parts of your images out.

Hence, it is preferable to prevent this mistake while getting a Spirit Bubble right in the camera. Just incorporate it and prevent making such mistakes while capturing the photographs.

7 - Spider Black Widow Camera Holster

If all the camera straps out there seem to be not so appealing for you, this could be the best solution for you. The Spider Black Widow Camera Holster can easily attach to your own belt or the special Black Widow belt included in the kit. It can act as one of the best strapless solutions to all your viable camera carrying needs.

You can just simply clip your camera body into the Black Widow and that's it! You can just continue with your day.

8 - Camera Cleaning Kit

Even if you take all the strides to keep your camera tidy, at some point it always needs proper cleaning. It is right to believe that if you're not trying to get the best out of your equipment, you will certainly lose some of the greatest opportunities. Hence, to grab a proper lens cleaning kit seems to be the right step. You must buy a smart cleaning kit which comprises of an air blower, a fine lens brush, lens pen, cleaning fluid, and microfibre cloths. Undoubtedly, these are the basics that you must have in a camera cleaning kit. If you're not having the right one yet, buy a professional camera cleaning kit now.

9 - Joby Gorillapod

This is actually a game changer when it comes to excellent photography. It is a small and lightweight tripod which you can easily carry in a normal bag. You can just wrap these bendy legs around the railings or branches of the trees to get a unique perspective while photographing.

For city sheets, it's just fantastic! Many of the popular tourist attractions which don't allow tripods are least expected to bat an eyelid at this minuscule photography accessory.

10 - Remote Shutter Release Cable

To get enough camera stability is certainly a crucial thing when it comes to long exposure photography. If there is just a small press on the shutter release, it can ruin an image altogether. Hence, it is always recommended that you should get a remote shutter release to prevent this.

The smart versions of this accessory can easily plug into your camera and let you release the shutter just by using the remote. Also, this budget-friendly device comes with intervalometer functions, which means you will be able to programme the timelapse sequences smartly.

Aren't these photography appurtenances pretty exciting? Don't wait anymore! If you've not upgraded your style of photography yet with them, just make a purchase now.


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