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Sadness with "NO REASON"

Why i am feeling sad for no reason???

Sadness with "NO REASON"

What is sadness? 

Sadness is an emotional pain in a human being that is associated with the feeling of sorrow, loss, despair, helplessness, jealousy, and disappointment, etc. But everyone has their own reason to be sad. It's difficult to face feeling down, but you know what, sadness is a natural part of life that each and every person had to experience, at any moment in his/her life. Sadness is an extremely normal experience in one's life. No one can intentionally say that "I am free from pain and I didn't have a pitch of problem in my life that makes me feel sad", Everyone has! believe me. Yeah, that's another point that this person didn't express his feelings in front of others but sometimes it is difficult to hide your sadness.

'Why I am sad?

 But the issue is why do we feel sad for no reason. Sometimes there is a moment when we feel extremely sad with no reason, not knowing the source of that pain can be upsetting. Actually, there is always a reason that probably, we don't know or we didn't get to that. This kind of sad feeling is very common in teenagers and mostly in children. But this doesn't mean that any other person can't have this type of feeling, yes they can have but usually  children and teenagers mostly suffer from this kind of situation, this is troubling. That's when it's very important to investigate inside yourself,  that where it's coming from. Sadness doesn't come with "no reason" it's mattering to find out the reason for that feeling. The worst kind of sadness is when we are not able to explain why.

You're Secretly Alone

Feeling sad for no reason is the stem of lot's of reasons, it must be loneliness from inside or lack of understanding. Being loved is not as much important than being understood. When someone actually understands you this is a connection of a deeper-level. It's not only an emotional connection but a spiritual one, this connection can be with anyone. And sometimes we feel ourselves invaluable or we were feeling jealousy, but you know what is the reason behind this, we didn't want more  just wanted some attention from our loved ones. I know you all have your family members, friends and someone else whom you love but this doesn't mean that you can't feel lonely. Sometimes you want to escape from this life of chaos and literally wanted to alone, or sometimes you're thinking very deeply about something, and often someone's bad words touch or hurts you deeply and that person didn't realize that this word or anything else hurts his/her.

How to escape from this kind of feeling?

If you wanted to cope with this feeling then first you must have to find the root cause. It's hard and it needs time for this process. Here are some helpful points that will help you to get relieved from this unsubstantial sadness. When you are suffering from this kind of feeling than:

- BE STRONG. I just want you to read this quote thrice.

I am stronger because I had to be, I am smarter because of my mistakes, happier because of the sadness I've known, and now wiser because i learned

Here are some Keys from this prison:

1. Escape from your daily life routine for a little while to free yourself from this.

2. Talk to your parents, to end the sadness all we need is to feel the warmth of being heard and understood.

3. Just go for a walk and arrange a trip with your friends or people with whom you'll be happy. It could be very great if you go somewhere in nature, in mountainous areas.

4. Watch a motivational movie or read an interesting book. Try to pick up something positive.

5. Don't be sad with no reason just be happy with no reason.

We must Understand,
That Sadness is an Ocean, and sometimes we DROWN,
While other Days we are Forced to Swim.

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