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Self Defence

Train to defend yourself...

Self Defence

What is Self defense?

Self-defense is a counteractant which means to act against something in order to defend ourselves from harm. Self-defense as a legal justification it means for the use of force in times of danger. In today's life self-defense is very important for everyone especially for women's and girls as in today's world there are a lot of crimes happening so we must know how to defend ourselves from a particular situation.

Reasons why we need to join self-defense training?

1- It will improve our self-confidence.

2- Your training program let you safe when away from home.

3- It makes you independent and helps to reduce dependency on others.

4- It will improve your health and fitness due to exercises and physical moves.

5- You'll become able to handle dangerous and emergency situations.

6- You'll become physically trained in terms of self-defense. and a lot more benefits of it.

When to start training of self-defense?

For a girl, Its perfect if she starts from a very smaller age, but maximum is 11 years old and can start some basic self-defense moves from 8 or 9 years old. Adults can start anytime. But my advice is to start as soon as you can because it is very important in order to protect yourself.

Techniques for Self-defense:

Here are some of the techniques that are very useful in self-defense, you can start any of them but find the right place and trainer for it.

1- Martial Arts

2- Aikido defense

3- Kung fu fight

4- karate 

5- Krav Maga

6- Kickboxing

7- Boxing and so on...

My only advice for you is to learn Self-defense, protect yourself and your surroundings, and live a safe and independent life.

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