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Sweet Pancakes

Follow all the recommended steps for a perfect dessert experience.

Sweet Pancakes


1-  Semolina (5 oz.)

2-  Bicarbonate of soda (a pinch)

3-  Plain flour (4 oz.)

4-   Sugar (5 oz.)

5-  Ground cardamom seeds (a pinch)

6-  Saffron (a pinch)

7-   Buttermilk (½ - ¾ cups)

8-  Ghee or oil for frying


1. Reserve 2 tablespoons of semolina and soda bicarbonate. 

2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the remaining dry ingredients in the buttermilk and mix with a batter. Therefore, set the mixture aside overnight. 

3. Add the reserved semolina and soda bicarbonate the next day.

4. Shallow fry the mixture in ghee, or oil, by dropping a full tablespoon into the pan. 

5. Turn the pancakes once during cooking. Make sure to keep the edges crisp and brown but the centre should remain soft. 

6. Drain and serve hot.

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