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Sweet Pancakes

Sweet pancakes recipe. Follow all the steps recommended for a perfect pancake.

Sweet Pancakes


1-  5 oz. semolina

2-  Pinch bicarbonate of soda

3-  4 oz. plain flour

4-   5 oz. sugar

5-  Pinch ground cardamom seeds

6-  Pinch of saffron

7-   ½ - ¾ pint (U.S. 14-2 cups) buttermilk

8-  Ghee or oil for frying


Reserve 2 tablespoons semolina and the bicarbonate of soda. In a large mixing bowl combine the remaining dry ingredients and mix to a batter with the buttermilk. Set aside overnight. The following day add the reserved semolina and bicarbonate of soda. Shallow fry the mixture in ghee, or oil, by dropping a tablespoonful at a time into the pan. Turn once during cooking. The edges of the pancakes should be crisp and brown but the centre should remain soft. Drain and serve hot.


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