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Table salt or "silent killer"

Avoid too much use of table salt.

Table salt or "silent killer"

Salt or sodium chloride is a vital part of the food to enhance taste and enrich its tang. Yet, we all overlook the damage that high sodium content is causing to us. From centuries it has been associated with raising the blood pressure resulting in vital organ damage.

Perils of high sodium intake

1. High blood pressure

The intake of sodium is directly associated with our blood pressure. When sodium content is high, arteries get contracted and the blood pressure increases rapidly.

2. Dementia

Due to the nutritional imbalance in the brain, high levels of sodium have proved to cause dementia in patients.

3. Kidney disease

High blood pressure badly affects the small arterioles in the kidney and

damages them permanently causing kidney damage or even failure.

4. Retinopathy

Sodium causes hypertension and that ultimately leads to damage of the corneal arteries causing blindness.

5. Oedema

Fluid build-up occurs in the extremities of the body causing oedema.

6. Congestive heart failure

Fluid build-up occurs in the lungs causing congestion and heart failure due to

enhanced workload.

Pharmacist's advice

1. Avoid as much sodium as you can in your diet because this would ultimately help you maintain your normal health.

2. Have a balanced diet and use plenty of water if your sodium intake is high.

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