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The killer one “Anger”

In this article we are going to talk about anger the destructor of every relationship, and I will give you simple but some important tips to defeat it.

The killer one “Anger”

Why don't we have control over our emotions.

Emotions are very powerful they are not just emotions they are the one inside us that maybe today no one is able to overcome their emotions. Some emotions make us happy like happy feelings and some destroys us like broken heart called as sad feelings and the emotions goes on. The most bad one "anger" that is keep destroying relations, connections and people.

Obviously in every relation we have hundred and trillions of obstacles that we can't overcome or we could say that we are unable to digest them. Hhhhhhhhh i know it's very difficult to stop ourselves and to have patience at that time at that sensitive moment because i have also suffered a lot from these kinds of digestions. And mostly in this kind of situations we lose control on ourselves and say something that we didn't mean and unwantedly hurt someone or say something wrong that we regretted later, but out of anger of course anger, anger and just anger this is what that has the power to spoil a relationship. But than what fortunately you ruined everything.

Understand anger?

Anger is not what you think it is, anger is a weakness it's not your strength but people think it as a power inside them. First this fire starts inside you than it burns others it simply means that this fire not only hurts you but also hurt others. Anger can be a good thing. It allows you to express your negative feelings, or can motivate you to find solutions to your problems. But excessive anger can definitely cause problems.

Time to be a legend

Look suppose the one in front of you is scolding you over a particular matter, he is throwing his anger on you pushing you, but you know what this is the time yes this is the time to be a legend to have patience to stay calm and to stay silent.

Defeat it

So, we need to overcome this complicated issue. The only three tips I used to manage it and surely, they will gonna help you to get yourself release from the prison of anger are:

1. Stay quite because silence is better than speaking bad words.

2. Have patience, you’ll absolutely get 100% results.

3. You have to stay calm and relax in every situation you are facing.

Now you and me are on a mission and our mission is to extinguish the flames of anger from our lives and if you follow these tips i hope we will accomplish our mission with a congratulations.

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