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Travelling to Pakistan

Everything you need to know about Pakistan if you are a foreigner.

Travelling to Pakistan

Pakistan is not one of the easiest countries in the world to travel. If you have a foreign passport, there are few things you need to know before coming to Pakistan and if you have travelled Asia before, but never to this particular region there are also a few things that you should probably know about the local culture and customs to enjoy your stay.

Visa conditions

The number one thing that you need to know about travelling to Pakistan is your visa conditions. Every single country has a slightly different set of visa requirements. So you'll need " Letter of invitation " also known as " L.O.I," this is a letter provided by someone in Pakistan, a tour company or a friend, if you have in Pakistan, it is a testing that you have been invited to come to Pakistan, that they will be taking care of you at all times . It is a piece of formality that you may need. Once you have your L.O.I and once you submitted your documents to the embassy, it really just depends on that organization that how long it is going to process your visa.

Keep a checklist of places with you

Number two, once you are over the hurdle of visa application you'll also need check which areas of Pakistan you can travel to, you should know that some areas in Pakistan are restricted, which means that you might not be able to go there , or you might need to apply for some special permit in order to go there . For example, Azaad Kashmir is one such area before going there you may need to apply for a N.O.C, which means a " No Objection Certificate,"  this could take a week or more to process. A lot of the most popular tourist areas, however, don't require a N.O.C, for example, Gilgit Baltistan, Skardu, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad etc.

Dresses to wear in PK

Number three, what to wear in Pakistan? Guys can wear whatever they want but girls can't wear whatever they want to in Pakistan, it is not illegal but you'll get a lot of strange looks, so in order to stay comfortable, you should wear full length and loose trousers and full sleeve shirts. Wearing jeans and a T-shirt would be okay in Islamabad. Do you need to wear a headscarf in Pakistan? No, you absolutely don't need to wear a headscarf, it is not a strict rule.

Food in PK

Number four, food. Pakistani food culture is absolutely incredible and there are so many different subtypes of local cuisines, sweats and spicy things. there are few things you need to know about Pakistani cuisine before you try it, first of all, it is spicy a lot of it is really fragrant, aromatic and actually quite hot, the other thing you should know is that Pakistani cuisine is very rich, so one serving will usually be enough if you have it with roti. Pakistan is a meat lovers paradise. You can't get things like pork here because it is considered Hiram which means sinful in Islam. There are so many other types of meat that are very popular in Pakistan.

Historical Places

Number five, site seeing. There are a few museums that you can visit, a lot of beautiful mosques, old forts, there is so much history in Pakistan and beautiful views.


Number six, it is all about hotels. There are a couple of luxury hotel chains in Pakistan, like The Serena or the Pearl Continental or even Marriott and these hotels give you really gives you the highest level of security. Pakistanis are so hospitable and welcoming

What is Pakistan?

And at last the most important thing, Pakistan is not at all what you know it to be, it is not how the western media betray it, it is not a desert with camels running around, it is not a horrible terrorist state with bombs going off every single corner. 

Pakistan is a beautiful country with the most welcoming people anywhere in the world. So just open your heart to the love and kindness that you are going to receive and the beauty that you are going to see all around you. I hope you'll be positively surprised by your visit to Pakistan.

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