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Women empowerment

Don’t ignore your own potential…

Women empowerment

Live for the people who genuinely matter to you and authentically wish you well, and most importantly for yourself. Ignore the rest. Believe in yourself and stand by what you feel is right. You have all the right to live your life the way you want to.

How feminism can be intimidating to the conservative world?

Feminism is known worldwide that comprises of people from every race, religion, and culture. Women empowerment led to many different challenges in every region. In some places, people misunderstood the term empowerment because the majority of them think that the definition of women empowerment is to wear short clothes, to disown her culture and that it’s synonymous with immorality. It’s truly said for women empowerment: “The model of women empowerment cannot be one size fits all.”

What is empowerment?

Do we hate our women? I don’t think so. We first need to define the term empowerment to give a clear understanding of what does it mean and demands. Empowering women would mean raising them equal to boys, providing them with the same education, giving them the same job opportunities with equal wages and, equal respect and it demands that they should overcome everything that was meant to destroy them.

Women should not fear what people will say, they should just move forward crushing the stones of difficulties under their step. Women should try to do the impossible as they have the power to create, nurture, and transform. There is no tool more powerful and effective than the empowerment of women. Build the kind of power and potential within yourself that makes other women want to up their game.


                                Male    Female

Gender                   1      :       1

Literacy                  7     :       3

Working/job         30   :       1

Women should create their own opportunities with resilience and believing they are much more than someone’s perception of them. And most of all, owning themselves for who they are.

Be a woman that empowers other women

1. Help ladies build a new skillset

2. Build self-esteem and confidence

3. Support your surrounding women

4. Help the voiceless with your voice

5. Support independence and mobility

6. Create a safe and inviting space

Here are some ways to feel more empowered as a woman

1. Exercise more

2. Stand up for yourself

3. Take self-defence courses

4. Say no to people

5. Try something new

6. Surround yourself with people who treat you as an equal

7. Accept that you are beautiful, no matter what

8. Work hard towards success

9. Take care of yourself

10. Think positive thoughts

11. Respect and most importantly love yourself

12. Take responsibility for your life

13. Make your own rules

14. Honour yourself

15. Live your inner compass

16. Value your passions

17. Choose empowering relationships

18. Own your pleasure

Remember that girls with dreams become women with vision. We must empower each other to carry out such a vision. Because it is not enough to simply talk about equality. One must believe in it. And it is not enough to simply believe in it, one must work at it. Let's work at it together, starting now!

“This saying helped me the most with my life: “It only gets better when you get better,” and that woke me up.

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